Self Serve
Pet Grooming
Trailers for Rent

Our Features

 Make it easier on yourself and your pets with our fully managed self serve mobile grooming trailers.

Easy Booking

Reserve a trailer for a few hours, half a day, an entire day, or multiple days.

Fully Managed

Our trailers have water, power, and grooming equipment ready to use.

Self Service

Wash, dry, and groom your pets at your pace at your home or business.

Affordable Rates

Save time & money with self service mobile grooming. Starting at $40!

What's Included

Our grooming trailers will arrive at your door ready to go with water, power, and grooming equipment.

About Us

Founded in Ramona, California

Born out of a need for more mobile grooming solutions for pets. A group of entrepreneurs in the pet industry journeyed to make it easier for everyone to groom their dogs and cats. Groom Runner started development of first trailer in October, 2022.

Growing a Network of Independent Groomers

Groom Runner is perfect for independent pet owners and pet groomers. Join our growing network of independent pet groomers and pet parents. We refer anyone who needs help grooming their pets in our trailers to one of our professional, certified groomers in your area.

Managed and Operated by the BSC

The Business Service Center is located in Ramona, CA offering solutions to entrepreneurs, employees, and employers. The BSC provides technology services, trailers, licensing, and insurance to Groom Runner.


Let's Get Started

We are excited to bring a new concept to the market. If you are a pet owner or pet groomer that wants to groom independently, we encourage you to give our service a try!