About Us

Learn about our concept, meet the team, investors, and partners.

Mobile + Self Serve

Mobile grooming has become popular amongst pet owners with dogs and cats who don’t like car rides, who suffer from anxiety in loud/busy places or around other dogs, and or owners who don’t like leaving their pet at a salon.

Every year more and more groomers are taking to sprinters and trailers to offer mobile grooming. Likewise, every year more pet parents are becoming familiar with self serve stations at their local pet store. Pet owners use these stations to groom their pets and often find value in it.

Groom Runner brings these two niches together to offer a new service to those who want the benefits of both mobile grooming and self serve stations.

Investors and Partners

The BSC | Business Service Center has been a partner of Groom Runner since its conception; providing technology services, licensing, and infrastructure.

YB Grooms has been a partner of Groom Runner since 2022; providing professional consulting and training services to the team.

Meet Our Team

The Groom Runner team is comprised of dedicated professionals who provide support to the grooming trailers and customers.

Admiral Wahbi (Eddie)


Yvonne Benitez